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ジャパニーズ ウイスキー パラダイス メキキ (目利き) がグランフロント大阪の世界のビール博物館内に3月15日 ニューエリアOPEN!-Japanese Whisky Paradise Mekiki (Connoisseur) will open in a new area inside the World Beer Museum at Grand Front Osaka on March 15!


100 kinds of craft whisky from all over Japan are gathered in one place.

ワインやビールの輸入卸販売や飲食店経営を行うワールドリカーインポーターズ株式会社/株式会社ザート商会(https://www.zato.co.jp/)(本社:東京都渋谷区 代表取締役:今里尚史)は、3月15日(金)にジャパニーズウイスキー専門店「ジャパニーズウイスキーパラダイス メキキ (目利き)」をグランフロント大阪 北館B1F 世界のビール博物館内にオープンいたします。

World Liquor Importers, Inc. / (https://www.zato.co.jp/) (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hisashi Imazato), an importer and wholesaler of wine and beer, as well as a restaurant operator, will open a Japanese whisky specialty store “Japanese Whisky Paradise Mekiki (Connoisseur)” on March 15 (Friday), 2024, in the part of World Beer Museum, Grand Front Osaka, B1F.  The shop is located in the World Beer Museum on the B1F of Grand Front Osaka North Bldg.



「ジャパニーズウイスキー パラダイス メキキ (目利き)」の魅力

The appeal of “Japanese Whisky Paradise Mekiki (Connoisseur)


In our store, which specializes in Japanese Whisky, we have collected more than 100 kinds of craft whiskies made in various regions of Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.Japanese whisky has a mellower taste than foreign whiskys. The interior decorations and plantings also give the space a Japanese atmosphere.While imagining scenes from various regions of Japan and premium whiskies representing Japan and premium whiskies. Please enjoy for your time.




What is a “connoisseur”?


A “connoisseur” is a person who is able to correctly discern the value of things. Our craft whiskys are carefully selected by connoisseurs from distilleries all over Japan.



Recommended Whisky


Of the 100 types, these are the most recommended.Here are the characteristics, distilleries, and recommendations for each.


■山桜 黒ラベル

【福島県 安積蒸留所(あさかじょうりゅうじょ)】

Yamazakura Black Label (Ingredients: malt, grain Alcohol content: 40%)

Asaka Distillery, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan


A perfect blend of carefully selected malts and grains. It is mild and pleasant to the palate,It is mild and smooth, with a subtle peaty aroma. Highball is recommended, but it can also be drunk with water or with ice

山桜 黒ラベル(原材料: モルト、グレーン アルコール分:40度)


■ホワイトオーク あかし700 スペシャルブレンド

【兵庫県 江井ヶ嶋蒸留所(えいがしまじょうりゅうじょ)】

White Oak Akashi 700 Special BlendIngredients: malt, grain Alcohol percentage: 40 %Eigashima Distillery, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan


A blend of malt whiskies stored in oak casks for more than 3 years.It is a new type of blended Scotch whisky with the gorgeousness of malt and the complexity and depth of grain whisky. It is a new Akashi local whisky that allows you to experience the flamboyance of malt and the complex and deep flavor of grain whisky.

ホワイトオーク あかし700 スペシャルブレンド(原材料: モルト、グレーン アルコール度数:40 %)



【広島県 桜尾蒸留所(さくらおじょうりゅうじょ)】

Togouchi Single Malt (Alcohol content: 43%)

Sakurao Distillery, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan


Matured in the Togouchi distillery surrounded by lush green forests and clear streams. The cool breezes blow through the cellar all year round.The aroma and flavor are slowly refined in the storage. The aroma of vanilla, apple, marmalade, and melon, and the light and smooth mouthfeel are appealing.Enjoy the clean sweetness and refreshingly mild, crisp finish.



■十年明 Noir

【富山県 三郎丸蒸留所(さぶろうまるじょうりゅうじょ)】

JUNENMYO Noir (Ingredients: malt, grain Alcohol content: 46%)

Saburomaru Distillery, Toyama Prefecture, Japan


A whisky with depth and breadth of flavor, made by selecting and blending a wide variety of base malts.The malt whisky from the Saburomaru distillery is blended as the key malt, It is characterized by its rich, smoky flavor.

十年明 Noir (原材料:モルト、グレーン アルコール分:46%)


■六甲山ピュアモルトウイスキー MIZUNARA

【兵庫県 六甲山蒸留所(ろっこうさんじょうりゅうじょ)】

Rokkosan Pure Malt Whisky MIZUNARA (Non-piped type, 42% alcohol)

Rokkosan Distillery, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

厳選したスコットランド産モルト原酒を、森の澄んだ空気とともにミズナラの樽で追熟し、六甲山山頂の井戸から汲み上げた天然水を加え、味わいを調整しました。 麦芽のやさしい甘みとコク、ミズナラ由来のオリエンタルな伽羅香、木々を駆け抜ける爽やかな風を思わせる余韻が特徴の、ノンピートタイプのピュアモルトウイスキーです。

The carefully selected Scottish malt is matured in Mizunara oak casks with the clean air of the forest, and natural water drawn from the well at the top of Mt. The malt gives it a gentle sweetness and full-bodied flavor, with an oriental Kyara aroma derived from Mizunara oak, and a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of a fresh breeze blowing through the trees. It is a pure malt whisky of the non-piped type characterized by the gentle sweetness and richness of the malt and the lingering aftertaste reminiscent of a fresh wind blowing through trees.

六甲山ピュアモルトウイスキーMIZUNARA(ノンピートタイプ アルコール 42度)


■日の丸ウイスキー KOME

【茨城県 八郷蒸溜所(やさとじょうりゅうじょ)】

Hinomaru Whisky KOME(Ingredients: malt, rice, 48% alc.)

Yasato Distillery, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

「World whisky awards(ワールド・ウイスキー・アワード)2024」で銀賞を受賞したウイスキーです。酒米を30%の配合で醸造したもろみを、ポットスチルで蒸留したライスグレーンウイスキーに、味わい深いモルト原酒をブレンドしました。熟成はバーボン樽、シェリー樽を用い3年以上。米由来のフルーティーな香りとモルトウイスキーが奏でる複雑な味わいをお楽しみください。

※「World whisky awards(ワールド・ウイスキー・アワード)」:イギリス「Whisky Magazine」が主催するウイスキーのコンペティション

This whisky won the silver award at the “World Whisky Awards 2024”. Rice grain whisky distilled in pot stills from mash brewed with 30% sake rice is blended with richly flavored malt whisky. It is aged for more than three years in bourbon and sherry casks. Enjoy the fruity aroma derived from rice and the complex flavor produced by the malt whisky. 

※World whisky awards: Whisky competition organized by Whisky Magazine in the U.K.

日の丸ウイスキー KOME(原材料:モルト、米 アルコール度数48%)




How to Drink Whisky


The way you drink whisky is also very important. Whisky can be drunk straight, on the rocks, with soda, or in a wide variety of other ways. For mixing with water, we order particular water in Osaka and add water in a golden balance. We also have prepared special cut glasses for better tasting. The ice is also carefully selected and crushed one by one with a pick before being served by our knowledgeable bartenders.




Delicious local snacks from all over Japan


We offer a variety of special meat dishes such as Wagyu beef steak, quickly seared Wagyu beef shabu-shabu, and roast beef. Please enjoy a relaxing time with delicious local snacks from all over Japan.


From left: Wagyu Roast Beef with Shotsuru Soy Sauce (2,750 yen), Seared Wagyu Sirloin Sukishabu with Egg Yolk Tororo Sauce (3,740 yen), Seared Wagyu Steak with Wasabi and Special Rock Salt (1,980 yen), Home-made Seared Beef Salt Tongue (1,980 yen) *All prices include tax



From left: Pickled myoga and tomato (880 yen), Today’s special (880 yen), Homemade pork loin ham (990 yen), Pickled firefly squid (990 yen), Daikon radish with dried bonito (1,430 yen), Sea bream ceviche (1,100 yen), Bonito with cream cheese (1,210 yen), Black edamame pepperoncino (660 yen), Kombu-marinated white fish with crabmeat and crab miso (1,100 yen), Bruschetta with crabmeat and crab miso (1,100 yen) Pepperoncino with black edamame (660 yen), Kombu-marinated white fish with garlic (1,100 yen), Bruschetta with crab meat and crab miso (880 yen) *All prices include tax.




店名:ジャパニーズ ウイスキー パラダイス メキキ 目利き (世界のビール博物館グランフロント大阪店内)

所在地:〒530-0011 大阪府大阪市北区大深町3-1 グランフロント大阪ショップ&レストラン北館B1F

予約TEL: 06-6371-9255

アクセス:JR大阪駅 徒歩3分/阪神本線梅田駅 徒歩3分/阪急線梅田駅 徒歩3分/地下鉄御堂筋線梅田駅 徒歩3分

     地下鉄谷町線東梅田駅 徒歩3分/地下鉄四つ橋線西梅田駅 徒歩3分/梅田駅(阪急)から329m

営業時間:月~日 11:00~23:00  ※3月15日(金)のみ17:00 OPENとなります。





■Store Information

Name: Japanese Whisky Paradise Mechiki Mejiki (in Grand Front Osaka, The World Beer Museum)

Location: Grand Front Osaka Shops & Restaurants North B1F, 3-1 Ohfuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0011

Reservation TEL: 06-6371-9255

Access: 3 minutes’ walk from JR Osaka Station / 3 minutes’ walk from Umeda Station on Hanshin Line / 3 minutes’ walk from Umeda Station on Hankyu Line / 3 minutes’ walk from Umeda Station on Midosuji Subway Line.

3 minutes’ walk from Higashi-Umeda Station on Subway Tanimachi Line / 3 minutes’ walk from Nishi-Umeda Station on Subway Yotsubashi Line / 329m from Umeda Station (Hankyu)

Business hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00-23:00 *Open at 17:00 only on Friday, March 15.

Closed: No holidays

Seats: 40

URL: https://www.zato.co.jp/restaurant/whisky/osaka/